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Worst Seat in the House

Henry Rathbone's Front Row View of the Lincoln Assassination


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Henry Rathbone's Front Row View of the Lincoln Assassination

The new book, Worst Seat in the House, is the first non-fiction book to focus solely on the life of Henry Rathbone, the man that wrestled with John Wilkes Booth during the Lincoln assassination.  This biography of Henry examines his childhood, his war experience, the Lincoln assassination and how he struggled with mental illness for the remainder of his life.  After Abraham Lincoln’s murder Henry’s mind was fraught with anxiety, paranoia and constant ruminations of Lincoln's death.  Ultimately, Henry Rathbone gave in to his internal demons and on Christmas Eve 1883 he murdered his wife in a fashion reminiscent of the John Wilkes Booth attack.


Worst Seat in the House delves deep into Henry's role in the assassination and how the combination of his environment, his genetics and that fateful night affected the path his life ultimately took.  The book discusses the difficulties of dealing with a trauma and how mental illness is a common disease that can be treated if appropriately understood.  Henry Rathbone's story, over one hundred years old, is still relevant today and by using the life of Henry Rathbone as an example, we can uncover clues that may help others.


Read the biography of Major Henry Rathbone and see the Lincoln assassination like never before!


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